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Sherwood Florist is a local floral design business serving Talbot County and the Bay Hundred area. We pride ourselves on being professional, prompt, and passionate about what we do.
Sherwood Florist is an owner-operated small business that is managed out of our home with an ample amount of space to create. Our specialties include pieces for weddings, events, and holidays. Our goal is to make your event seamless and to brighten up your special day with unique and/or modern details, no matter the occasion.

Todayโ€™s social media applications, like Instagram and Pinterest, work as a benefit to you and us. It allows us to current trends in the floral world and the new styles others have created. It also allows us to see exactly what a customer would like, whether it may be traditional or rustic. Our objective is having customersโ€™ vision come true with beautiful and fresh pieces, no matter the budget. Sherwood Florist can also assist or create DIY creations for those who want the look and may not have the time. From tissue tassels, bunting, backdrops, to driftwood arches, if you can dream of a structure, we will create and build!

About the owner

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Ashley Sherwood has had a love for flowers and floral arrangements since she began working at a local florist in high school. Her inspiration comes from the beautiful views of the Chesapeake Bay and all it has to offer. Starting her own business in 2013 has allowed Ashley to take her passion and creativity to another level. She loves working with brides and event planners to who want a modern and classic design.

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Sherwood FloristAt Sherwood Florist, we provide floral arrangements and decor to weddings and special events throughout the year. Please visit and view our blog to see photos and write-ups of our past occasions. And be sure to like us on Facebook and Instagram so you see the latest trends and designs from Sherwood Florist.